She has heart this girl and a bit of torture driving it. Music for the folk tent, the warm production and top-shelf performance make Beck a premium artist finding new ways to separate herself.  
Sydney Morning Herald

sahara beck

The great temptation for young artists has always been to try and be something they are not. To put on a costume so to speak, and play make believe. It’s a pitfall that, thankfully, SAHARA BECK spotted years back, and she ain’t going there.

There are no big name producers and over the top stylists here, Sahara is an independent artist in the truest sense of the word – an artist finding her own sound and in the process emerging as not just another remarkable voice.

It’s always been that way for her though. Raised in the laid back surrounds of the Sunshine Coast Sahara has always had a decidedly single minded focus. At 14 she wrote and recorded her debut album before moving to Brisbane on her own to finish school and immerse herself in the city’s collaborative music community.

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